I’m here to coach, mentor, edit, and cheerlead
as you develop and polish your work.

What will book coaching look like?

At any stage of your game, I’ll come alongside you to strategize, teach or correct techniques, brainstorm content solutions, and encourage you through the finish line. Hey! Even professional athletes need a coach.  Why not you?


My coaching program includes two hours together every week – one hour reading and editing, one hour of personal coaching. I coach via Zoom, so very easy for us to meet no matter where you call home.

How does book coaching work?

Each week, a day ahead of our scheduled coaching session, you’ll send a section of your work to me. I’ll read it, mark it up, make notes for both of us, and then return it to you. The next day, we’ll log onto Zoom and discuss the material.


You’re able to ask me any questions at all, and we’ll plan for your forthcoming writing week: writing, rewriting, or both.

How will a writing coach help me?

Brainstorming your book-in-progress with an experienced pro will get you further along, more quickly and more positively, than almost anything else you can do. It does something crucial to all successful writing endeavors – it builds confidence.


Many writers come to love coaching because they are never in the dark, wondering if something is working or not. Instead of spending writing time second-guessing themselves, they get new material written.


Because I am an award-winning, best-selling author as well as an editor, I can show you what has worked for me dozens of times and help you brainstorm plausible solutions. It’s not just theoretical – it’s practical. I have walked a thousand miles in your shoes; I truly understand. I can see your work from both an author’s and an editor’s point of view.  I don’t ask you to do anything I don’t do myself, and I understand the emotional journey as only a fellow author can.

Who benefits from working with a writing coach?

Everyone. Just starting? Don’t know how to begin or stuck with your work in progress? Need to raise a book’s quality? Want to learn about self/indie publishing or marketing? Ready to reboot your career and take it to the next level? Coaching is for you!


I have coached and mentored hundreds of students over more than twenty years, read (and still read) many fine craft books, and sat under excellent writing teachers. I will put this experience to work for you. Our work will start with developing fantastic character arcs and a good, solid structure and then have you progress to page-turning chapters.


If you are pitching to agents, I can help you develop a book proposal and query letter. I can talk you through the bewildering maze of social media and print and independent publishing options.  We can discuss new platforms like paid newsletters and serialization. But our primary goal is to make your work shine.

I’m nervous. Is that normal?

Absolutely. All writers are nervous – we are putting pieces of our hearts, minds, and spirit out there for everyone to see. I’m here to help with that. I understand the fears lurking around the edges and can help you banish those, too.

How does a book coach differ from a book editor?

When we coach, we will be working on a book you haven’t started, have only written partway, or would like to rewrite. We work on structuring the book first, so you have a great roadmap. A little more prewriting leads to a lot less rewriting.


Editing services are for people whose books are already substantially complete. Query me if you are interested in a developmental edit of a completed manuscript.

Are you an independent editor, able to work on a finished - or almost finished - book?

Yes! I am an experienced, gentle, and enthusiastic developmental and content editor for both fiction and nonfiction.


Each time a client asks me to come alongside him or her to help polish the work to a high shine, I’m honored to encourage and stand together. I’m here to help you from the opening hook to the novel’s sigh-worthy, satisfying resolution. It’s said that the first page secures the reader for this story, and the last page will sell your next. Everything in between transports them to your story world and ensures they have a fantastic reading experience. We’re not working on concepts – we’re working on your book!


When I edit your book, I will mark grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure if they jump out at me. I will also lightly line edit passages here and there. Mainly, though, I’m here to help you build a solid, unforgettable story through developing the content and/or story. That means while I will cheerlead, I’ll also point out everything I think can be strengthened. I want you to show your best face to the world.


Our main goal is to make your book shine.

How much does this cost?

Please contact me through this form to discuss my current fees and availability. I’m also happy to schedule a no-obligation, free 30-minute consult with you to discuss your book and answer any questions you may have.