Great fiction builds on a solid framework, the three-act structure. Think of it as the architectural underpinning of your novel. Once the foundation, the framework, and the load-bearing beams are in place, you can write any book you choose, knowing the house will stand! A solid foundation frees you up to create without wondering, but will this story work?

Because it will.

Join us for a long weekend, virtual fiction intensive, wherein you’ll learn how to get your novel into the best possible shape – tight, clean, and absorbing – before spending time and money pitching a book that isn’t yet ready for you to submit. This weekend is a perfect fit for those just starting a book or those who wish to revise one already underway.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Editors and agents want books that need little developmental work. Independently publishing? Readers want your books to be as engaging and entertaining as possible, and so do you! Unputdownable!

Because this retreat is virtual, you can attend from the comfort of your home or office. Reach out via the form below, and I’ll be in touch soon.



Meet and Greet, Overview


Structuring Novels for Pacing, Arc, and Success

Morning Session
Teach the macrostructure elements, review each attendee’s synopsis

Afternoon Session

Break out with two groups of three, where you work on one another’s synopses; Sandra to visit each group, review and brainstorm.

Evening Session
Creating Likeable Characters. How character arcs dovetail in with the outer plot journey.


Structuring Scenes and Chapters for Tension and Success

Morning Session
Teach the S & S elements, review each attendee’s first scene structure

Afternoon Session

Break out into two groups of three, and work on one another’s first scene/chapters; Sandra to visit each group to review and brainstorm.

Evening Session

State of the industry, agent protocol, publishing options


Final Questions and Goodbye


Sandra will read one hour’s worth of structure material and meet via Zoom for a one-hour chat about your material and her comments as a follow-up to the retreat. Reading and Meeting must be done within two months of the retreat.

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